Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Pink Fences

I really hate the Pink fences at Edsa. Not because of its color but because of the traffic it is causing in that area. The pink metal fences were introduced by the Metro Manila Development Authority to ease traffic and prevent buses from dropping their passengers anywhere. Unfortunately, instead of solving the problem it seems to be aggravating it. Traffic jams now appear at and near intersections where the pink walls are installed. Just to get from Cubao to Edsa, around 200 meters, will take you such a long time that it would be faster if you walked slowly. The cause of this? Edsa and its adjacent roads are now clogged up with cars and buses. The pink fences separates the inner from the outer lanes of Edsa save for pre-designated portions . Because most buses and cars coming from adjacent areas are now forced to traverse the two outer lanes a build up of cars and buses occur. Each driver trying jostle the other to gain acccess to the exit point to the main lane, resulting in chaos and traffic. I just wished they, the MMDA, had given more thought to this scheme.


Blogger Allan said...

hey juned! keep it cool.. at least you are riding inside the mrt, far above the traffic and the pink fences.

3/17/2005 08:46:00 AM  

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