Saturday, August 06, 2005

Philippines a wired society?

Right now I am inside a cybercafe near our place. Surfing, checking, and blogging in this place. The Internet cafe has a DSL connection, which is a great deal faster than my dial up at home. The Internet cafe is nearly full and it is just one of 7 cafes near my place. Most of people who come here surf, answer and send emails, play internet games, blog and a host of other things.
The kids beside me are playing some sort of online battle game. One of them is extremely noisy. How I wished somebody in the game would defeat anytime now.
I really do not know if the Internet is really for the elite or middleclass. For less than a cost of movie ticket you can probably surf the net for six hours. And for games even longer. Could this be a levelling effect in terms of access to the net?
Noisy kid has left. Somebody probably kicked his buttocks to kingdom come or he has run up the alloted time. Anyway peace has returned to the cafe. A lot of people still here. It reminds of my old work at a data factory. The layout the chairs are similar. The lack of space is all the same. Perhaps, the only difference is in this place people pay to use the computer instead of the other way around.
Yes, Internet cafes are levelling the access to computers. And it is a good thing.


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