Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Haydee Yorac would have been a good magistrate

Haydee Yorac has left the cares of this world. I saw her once or twice at the house. She was a friend of my Mom. I did not personally know her. But what I know of her is that she is one of the few honest and effective government official I have seen in years. She was quite effective as the Comelec Commissioner in charge of Mindanao, she impressed Ali Dimaporo that he wooed her. And for me she seems to be the only effective Chairman of the PCGG. She would have made a good magistrate. Why do I say this? As of late I have been reading a series of novels by Robert Van Gulik. His novels are mystery novels based on Chinese records and details the adventures of Judg Dee or Magistrate Dee. In Imperial China, a Judge or a Magistrate was an all important post. Entrusted to the judge was a city. And he was in charge of over-all administration of the city and its countryside for around fifty miles. His duties included: Collection of taxes; registration of births, deaths and marriage; updating the land registration; keeping the peace; and act as presiding judge over the tribunal. Anyone could be a judge in Imperial China the only thing needed was to pass the literary exam. Yes, Haydee Yorac would have been a fine magistrate. She was an effective government official. I will light a candle and offer a prayer for her tonight. Additional posts for today: A spot of BBC in your telly? One alternative station I have been watching is the BBC channel. Their news coverage is as extensive as CNN and offers a fresh perspective from the other side of the Atlantic pond. However, what I find interesting with several of BBC programmes are more interesting than those produced by National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Read Ways to get a book When one is a bibliophile. And is eternally in search of books to read one will learn eventually that there five ways to get a book. Read


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