Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I recently visited two bookstores in Metro Manila and chanced upon good buys. Popular Book Store used to be located (and probably still is for all I know) along Doroteo Jose street Manila. My friends and I used to go there to buy books you would not normally find in other bookshops. The first book I bought was about coup d' etats. My friend bought a compilation of classic erotic stories. Yes, it was always a treat to visit that book store. Then a few years back they moved to Quezon City (not quite sure though might be another branch) and a few days I ago I found myself in their new abode looking over their collection of books. The new store , well its actually new since it has been here for sometime predating the nearby Vicky Belo clinic, is more modern than its predecessor. I did not stay long enough to evaluate their collection but what interested me was their Filipiana collection. I was able to buy three Filipiniana books from them. The books were all hardbound editions and were reasonably priced. And nearly all books were an enjoyable read. These are the books I purchased:
  1. Frailocracy in the Philippines by Marcelo del Pilar
  2. Recollections of a Voyage to the Philippines by J de Man
  3. Journey to Majayjay by Paul P dela Gironiere
Yesterday, I went to the newly opened branch of A Different Book Store in Cubao. This is probably their most spacious book store. Good news, 25% discount for all books until the 31st of this month. Fortunately or unfortunately I had not yet received my salary so my purchasing power was diminshed. I ended up buying Orson Scott Card's book, "Ender's Game". I have learned of the book a few years ago from my friend, who was all praise for the book. Based on my talk with my friend Tonbe I had developed a pre-conceived notion of what the book would look like. In my mind I though it would have Frank Frazetta-like or Boris Vallejo-like cover. Assumptions can be deceiving. Nevertheless, I have started reading the book and it is an interesting read. As the Alan Bates character in the mini-series Arabian Nights said to Scheherezade when she asked him for advise to improve her storytelling, "You have to hook the audience in the first part of the story." I am hooked.


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