Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blog reorganisation

I just finished reorganising the blog. My purpose in doing this is to categorise/organise my posts based on topic. My other objective is to set-up a system of showcasing all posts or at least briefs of all posts in the main blog and provide ease of transfer between the blogs. So far I have the following blogs set-up. Harvard Street Cubao, my main blog. It contains everyday comments and observations. Expositions, my blog for essays and other discussions. The Aquarium Keeper, my blog for aquarium keeping I have now converted into a aquarium manual blog. A work in progress. And transferred my essay on why I keep fish to expositions blog. PinoySnaphots, my photoblog in blogspot. Library7, my blog for books and other reading materials. Thoughts on fiction and non-fiction reading material. Cine67, my blog for movies and television discussions. Reviews and discussions about movies, television shows and other similar things. tebi7, my miscellany blog. I suspect that I will be making further adjustments in the future, but for now the changes I made seems to be fine.


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