Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Virtual working has its advantages and disadvantages. My work necessitate that part of my workspace is virtual. This means I do the writing, editing and posting via an online interface, quite similar to blogging. One advantage of such a job is that you can spend most of the working day on the Internet. The disadvantage is that to start and complete your work one is totally dependent on technology. Just this morning as I was beginning work I discovered that my on-line system was not working. It took a longer time to log-in I thought. A few minutes later it came back with an error message. I promptly went to our local IT guy to ask if he could fix the problem. Unfortunately, he could not so we sent an SOS email the central IT help team. After a few minutes the quick response team came back with its solution to the problem. According to them it was a server related problem. The solution was that everytime an error message occured just tap the cancel button again and again until such time that I , will eventually be able to enter the system. To say that the solution left me at a loss of words is an understatement. I did try the left clicking bit for a while. About half an hour before giving up. To be fair at times I can also be troglodyte. There were times when I thought it was a system problem only to find out one had just drag something too much or one had unknowingly minimised a window. Now I reached the end of the workday. The system was still not working. I wonder if they can fix it or will there be another brilliant solution for tomorrow.


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