Friday, July 15, 2005

Friendship, Egroups, at iba pa

I got so engrossed during my break answering emails from one of my group that it ate most of my free time today. E-groups are on of the more interesting things in the Internet. It is different from a forum in that you need to go back to the forum to check the latest posts. In E-groups you have the option of receiving the message as an email or check the posts at the site. The most interesting e-groups I have joined is my old barkada's e-group, UPQS. A fellowship formed between girls and boys from UPIS, my highschool. Our fiendship excuse me friendship thrived and bloosomed during college. And it endured after college. Eventually fate and fortune descended us and scattered us to the ends of the Earth. These were the friends from the pre-cd days. Yes, we were the last generation to use vinyl records. Those were days of Risk, Return of the Jedi, Bagets and 99.5 RT was at its peak. You can now actually deduce our collective age from those clues. The nice thing about this e-group. Is that it allows us to communicate despite the distance between us and the time difference. The exchanges in this e-group of around 30 or so thirty something individuals becomes animated. Exchange of ideas are seldom diplomatic. And people begin to argue and counter-argue. I think in the last few months our exchanges exceeded 1000. Exchanges include but were not limited national issues, whether or not Star Wars was a just war, crushes, debate on whether to put the latest Superman or Darna pic on egroup site. At present Lynda Carter during her glory days as Wonder Woman. The thing is despite the arguments and debate ,which color up the e-group, I find myself going back to the e-group. Somehow it still feels like you can still able to talk, insult and generally have a good times with your friends. And of course discover new friends. As in the case of the other e-groups I have joined and with blogging. I guess that is one of the good things about the Internet.


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Corrections: not "30 somethings" but "approaching 40" would be a better description

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