Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Book fairs, a church & fish sites

More posts for today: Book fair & perpetual sales Its the time of year when book lover's wallets go on a slim-fast diet. Some have been saving up for this moment. With the exception of the docking of the Doulos Goodwill ship, which docked at Manila several years ago and were selling a ton of books. The book fair is probably one of the few events that you will see a congregation of readers. Go to Post Greenbelt Church Dug up this photo from my files. I call it Mass at Greenbelt Church: The Other UFO Church. It is not evident here but when you see the church in its entirety it looks like the headquarters of the Legion of Doom, sans swamp and alligators of course. Go to Post Web groups & resources Aquarists and aquarium aficionados need reference sources in order to succesully keep beautiful aquariums. People have been to this road before and their knowledge is invaluable to the success of keeping an aquarium. This knowledge of course can be obtained from books, magazines and people in the know, through friendships and aquarium societies. The Internet though has opened up new forums and sites for aquarists to meet and gather information. Go to Post


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