Thursday, August 11, 2005

Video Games

vdgm1 I can still remember seeing the first video game I encountered, it was pong. It was right after class and we had spent the afternoon at our friends house at Wack Wack. My friend had the latest video player, a betamax, and he had this machine not as bulky as the betamax but not small. On the screen was two vertical bars and a bouncing ball from end to end. It was ping pong, hence the name pong I guess. Video games I guess follow the same trend as all technology today, the road to miniaturization. Several years from my first encounter with pong now I am confronted with a device, which my sister bought a few months ago, drastically smaller than the machine that allowed us to play pong. And now you can play around four or five arcade games. Can you imagine that? Amazing!


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