Thursday, October 27, 2005

Waking up early

Ok, it is not a good shot. The shot was taken in a clandestine manner inside an Tamaraw FX AUV just about to leave for Makati. Everyday, I wake up to the sound of two alarm clocks, a regular alarm clock and the alarm clock of my phone. As my eyes open to the sound I see nothing but darkness outside. It takes sometime before the state of awakeness and lucidity sets in. Outside it is as quite as a grave yard, you do not even hear the sound of the MRT as it passes by. And generally it is cool. A peaceful site. I have fond memories of early mornings. My old Grandfather sitting inside the kitchen gingerly sipping his coffee just before he leaves for his job at a arrastre firm on the docks of Manila Bay. The smell of chocolate from the cacao fruit made by my grandmother in Laguna and the same smell years later at house in Iloilo. The taste of freshly cooked tapa and fried rice we were about to eat after spending the whole cramming for an exam of our biostat teacher Prof Daria. The sight of the mists that can be seen from our tent at UP Baguio. Even the arrival at the Airport on Christmas Day arriving just in time to greet everyone a Merry Christmas just as the rays of sun started wrapping itself about the landscape and stirring the slumbering beings of Cubao. I like daybreak. ___________________________________________________ Additional posts for today Goldfish bowl crimes Darna and the Darnies versus the Anti-Darnies It was once a coconut tree


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