Monday, October 10, 2005

A Weekend Thunderstorm

I was planning on watching a movie at the Spanish Film Festival. They were going to be showing an interesting cartoon film. For some unknown reason I decided to stay in the house with my nephews. Maybe I was just too tired. The sky was getting black, an ominous cloud had blocked out the rays of the sun. And then it started. Thunder heralded the coming of the storm and lightning illuminated its path. There were still children outside when the storm started. As the storm raised its brew to a crescendo the voices of the children started to disappear. Undoubtedly, they proceeded home to seek shelter from the storm. Then it happened. The power went out. Brown-out. It effectively curtailed the plans of my nephews and I to watch the a DVD that afternoon. I was beginning to think, maybe I should have gone to Greenbelt anyway. With nothing to do my nephews went to our sala to sleep, except for the youngest one who was afraid of the dark. He opted to stay in the well-lighted part of the house. Thankfully, my room had enough windows to allow me to read. And that I did. The rain got stronger. It was the only thing you could hear outside. The wind was also blowing and it delivered much needed cool breeze into the house. After a few minutes the thunder and lightning show subsided. All that was left was the cool pitter-patter of the rain. The breezed sort of lulled me in the middle of my reading. After an hour or two, I was awakened by the illumination from the flourescent lamp above me. The power was back. The thunder storm gave me quite a relaxing sleep. Additional posts for today A semi-spotless comedy A mostly harmless book


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