Friday, November 04, 2005

Worthwhile to see this Christmas

According to the morning news today its only X number of days before Christmas. You would not have notice it especially with the way the department stores where blaring Christmas songs even before Halloween, Feast of All Saints and Feast of All Soul’s day. Retail sales must be on a slump. So it is X number of days before Christmas what do you hope to see on Chritmas Day? Aside from the usual Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men message and taking aside all the gifts to family, friends, officemates, business partners and customers what would be worthwhile to see, at least in the Philippines. One, It would be worthwhile, for me, to see less artificial Christmas trees and more Nativity Scenes. At least the Nativity Scene depicts the reason for celebrating Christmas. Two, Zero letters of greeting from politicians and political family you do not really know. Chances are they might be using tax money to send that stuff. Three, Zero accidents caused by the use of fireworks. Fourth, No political messages will be aired during the season. A simple Merry Christmas would do. Unless of course the government decided to increase the tax exemption and the political opposition starts to do collaborative work. Five, Quality Filipino films during the film festival. If you are going bump off the scheduled films for the last two weeks of December please make sure that you put really quality films. Six, No mad rush to the supermarket on the 24th of December. Please make a list and keep to it. What else ?


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