Thursday, December 22, 2005

Enchanted Kingdom (EK)

Enchanted Kingdom1 Members of the family who went to EK Instead of the traditional Children's Christmas Party the company I worked for opted to treat our families to a day at Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna.  Enchanted Kingdom 2 My Dad & nephew Unfortunately, the weekend we went was also the week that a cold front had developed. Besieging the whole of Luzon with rainfall. Fortunately, through out the day there were reprieves from the rain. Although since it was a weekend there was no reprieve from the rest of the punters, the amusement park was packed. One had to wait for thirty minutes before getting on a ride. So we had to be selective. Considering the age and the height of my nephews the options were limited to the different types of Ferris wheel, the carousel, the human powered swan shaped boats and the ride at the Rialto. Did I mention it rained from time to time? Despite the rain everyone seemed to enjoy the trip. There were of course instances when trouble arose - like when my sister and nephew fighting over who controlled the stirring of the Swan Ship, which resulted into the lack of propulsion of said ship.  Enchanted Kingdom 3 My other nephew End of the day everybody was tired. And then it began to really rain - a heavy downpour. Luckily, we were on our way home and only got wet as we climbed on the family automobile. I cannot help thinking what happened to those left lining up on the rides or those on the rides themselves. Enchanted Kingdom must have made a killing for umbrellas, caps and shirts that day.  Enchanted Kingdom 4 View from the Wheel of Fate Things to remember when going to Enchanted Kingdom: Go during the weekday, Go when it is sunny, Just to make sure donate an egg at the Monastery of Santa Clara in Quezon City (To make sure the sky will be blue, cloudless and bright), and bring hats and extra clothes. PS If you want to save money on food ... bring packed lunches and eat it at the parking lot. An Additional Post for Today Sta Rosa, Laguna


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