Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In the Philippines it is still Christmas till the Feast of Three Kings, although they have been removed officially from the roster of saints along with Saint Christopher, the guy who carried the baby Jesus across the river of Jordan (?). Above you will see a picture of Sisig Pizza from Greenwich. Similar to my feelings with the Sisig bread aka the Pig Bread to my nephews I still feel that there is only one and proper way to serve sisig - on a hot plate. Its nearly six in the evening in Cubao, Quezon City and in a few hours most of the shops will be closed. People around the Philippines will be starting to celebrate for the New Year, with Media Noche, 12 round shape fruits at the center table for luck, drinking, spreading cheer and some will celebrate with assorted pyrotechnics (including and unfortunately guns). There does not seem to be much noise this year but we shall see. Today in Tondo they will be celebrating with a costume parties around the neighborhood. Small and short children will jump at the stroke of twelve in order to gain the proverbial increasre in their height. Some people will make sure they have money in all their wallets. And I am quite sure the mobile network will be bombarded by greetings via sms, mms and other assorted ssss. Happy New Year to All! Here is toast I discovered years ago and might be of use. An Old Scottish Toast - Here's to you as good as you are Here's to me as bad as I am But as good as you are As bad as I am I am as good as you are As bad as I am Happy New Year to All! Additional podcasts Tanungan: Fare is fare The Christmas and the New Year Report


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