Thursday, February 09, 2006

Frenzy and feeding frenzies

Frenzy is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as -
  1. mental derangement; wild excitement or agitation
  2. delirious fury - drive to frenzy ; infuriate
While THE NEW STANDARD English- Filipino Dictionary defines and translates Frenzy as -
  1. pagkahibang
  2. pagkadiliryo
  3. pagka-ulol
Maybe this is a better term than panic to describe what happened at the Wowowee tragedy. Of course, panic would have followed immediately the frenzy. The word frenzy stuck in my head. The word did not go away. Then like a bolt of lightning it came a feeding frenzy. Check what Encarta has to say about a feeding frenzy - There are two definitions to feeding frenzy. The first one relates to an intense violent period of eating when a large number of animals/species zero in on a food source. Seems to be this is what happened given large number of people, waiting for several days, and a limited amount of prizes available. More interesting is the informal of definition, frantic activity focused on an indiviudal, group, organisation or an institution when an opportunity to exloit can be seen. The aftermath of this tragedy has seen ABS-CBN and it allies being beseiged by criticims by its competitors, enemies and people with genuine grievances/concern. One cannot argue against the last set of individuals they deserve to do it and they have to do it get justice done. There are, however, a large number of individuals who have old scores to settle and surgical strikes to do against ABS-CBN. This the another type of frenzy. If the Ultra stampede is similar, unfortunately, to a feeding frenzy of piranhas. The feeding frenzy between ABS-CBN and its competitors ( and some enemies) seemed to be feeding frenzy among sharks. Still the second comparison seems to be a little bit hard on the sharks. And brings to mind this quotation.
Men are not against you; they are merely for themselves. Gene Fowler
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