Monday, January 23, 2006

Pacquiao Sunday

Last Jan 22, 2006. The Philippines experienced the lowest crime rate ever. Everybody it seems was busy watching the fight between Pacquiao and Morales. Our parish mentioned that (according to a survey) there were fewer people attending Mass. He even bemused that perhaps that Sunday people decided to stay at home and watch the match. Well it will come as no surprise. Filipinos have always been pundits and fans of boxing events. Even Filipinos in far-flung places found ways to watch. Some fishermen I knew, use AC/DC television sets and solar panels jsut to watch a match A big boxing match can make political foes seat side by side. Politicians from both side of the political fence were one in supporting Pacquiao. One politician placed a 150,000 dollar bet that Pacquiao would win. Even whole families, for once, agreed upon what to watch - good bye noon time variety shows and hello Solar Channel's coverage of the match. Maybe even the melancholic priest from the mass was watching the match. People who could not afford to go to Las Vegas, opted to watch the fight on the silver screen. The tickets were selling at three hundred pesos. Businessmen made money selling the event. The coverage of the fight on tv was interrupted several times with commercials, often with Pacquiao as endorser - he even endorsed No Fear brief. And people were treated to guitar a strumming troubador, Pacquiao himself, on screen. Even Pacquiao's short became a billboard ad. Decals were sewm on his shorts . The most expensive add was one covering the back of his shorts. Business was not busy. Pacquiao stopped and won over Morales during the tenth round by a Knock Out. People were happy. At least on Monday the news would not be bad it will be about the win of Pacquiao over Morales. Congratulations and thank you for the good news Manny Pacquiao! Additional Posts: King Kong & Aslan Tombstone the MMFF The Sunday of Pacquiao