Thursday, March 24, 2005

Maundy Thursday

The Thursday before Easter. This is the day the Church has set to remember and commemorate critical events that lead to the crucifixion and resurrection. Traditionally it is the day we remember the Last Supper, the washing of the apostles' feet, and the establishment of the Eucharist. This happens to be the night also of the Agony in the Garden and the Judas' betrayal of Jesus with a kiss. The word "maundy" comes from Latin word Mandatum. And this is the first word in the command given by Christ at the Last Supper, that we should love one another. “Mandatum novum do vobis” (“a new commandment I give to you”) In the UK, the English monarch used to wash the feet of selected poor persons as a sign of humility. They also used to give out money to deserving senior citizens, a female and male for each of the sovereign's age. The event was called the Ceremony of the Royal Maundy and the money were called Maundy coins. I do not know if they still do that today though. What I do know is that the Pedilavium or the washing of the feet is still practised by the Roman Catholic church. Also, during this day the anointing oil, used in ceremonies during the year, is consecrated during a special Chrism Mass. ***** I plan to push through with my plans today. Although, I will probably visit just a few Churches. The practice of visiting several churches equivalent to the number of Stations of the Cross is just that practice. The important thing is to pray, reflect and meditate on the station of the cross. If you are unable to visit the church today you can actually pray before a crucifix or in any secluded place.


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