Saturday, May 14, 2005

Blogs reorganised again

Reorganised the blogs again. Got rid of two blogs they seemed to be just another versions of my other blogs. Perhaps I should have just opted for just one blog. But so far because of my unfamiliarity with the system and eagerness to organise everything experimentation will and has been inevitable.So now I have HarvardStreetCubao as the motherblog(should I call it that?). Where personal stuff and snippets abound. It should also function as a place where I can post new subjects that have been posted in the child-blogs: Cine67 - my film, television and others blog;Library 7 the book, reading and etc blog;Pinoy snapshots the photoblog; Expositions - the essays blog; and the Aquarium Keeper - online aquarium book. I just got a new blog from trying to develop it into the Taglish Blog. So I added it now to the list. Content organisation and ease of navigation within the blogs is my main concern in doing these changes. Better to do the changes early.


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