Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Hi! This post appears on one of my other blogs. Click the title name to go to the blog where the article is posted or if you are unsure you can click on read more and read the first part of the post. Afterwards, if you want to see the post in its entirety click on the link provided. Have a nice day!. Ramblings about the animation show Futurama. The writer and his nephews are experiencing mania for this show only equal to the fanaticism of Tulip lovers or Star Wars and Trekkies. A fan is actually a shorterned version of the word fanatic and means an enthusiastic admirer.This has to be one of my favourite comedy shows of late. The story is a spoof on nearly all science fiction stories and films. It starts off with one of its characters a pizza delivery boy Philip Fry who wakes up in the future, courtesy of an accident in a cryo-facility during New Year's Eve celebration. Threads of Buck Rogers...hmm. Anyway Fry wakes several centuries later and finds himself in a new job going to different planets and facing aliens of all kind as a intergalactic delivery boy. By luck he now works for his great-grand nephew an uber-geriatric mad scientist named Prof Farnsworth. Working with him is the space ship captain Leela a female cyclop and a robot capable of bending metal whose name is Bender. Together with the other characters - an alien crustacean Dr Zooidberg, Hermes the Jaimacan bureaucrat, and Amy wong a rich martian-chinese heiress, they make Galactic express.
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