Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why do I keep fish?

I have been taking care of tropical fish now several years. You might say I am obsessed with fish or a more polite term would be that I fancy keeping fish. And I am not alone in pursuing this interest through the years I have met people like me. Believe me we are legion. Aquarium keeping is one of the top hobbies in the world.). Aquarium keeping or Aquaristics or Aquariology and Tropical Fish keeping are terms that are use often to describe this hobby. Basically it means taking care, raising and breeding of fish and other aquatic organisms in self-contained containers. These containers may be made of glass, wood, cement and earthen materials but they are all man-made. We put the fishes and other aquatic fauna and flora (academese for animals and plants) in a man-made environment. Why do we do this? Well... perhaps we enjoy the dynamic interaction from the inhabitants of the aquarium. Comedy, drama and tragedy can be observed in the aquarium. In a aquarium you will see social dynamics, conflicts, maternal affection and even child rearing or bearing by the male species (another academese term for organism We also see the aquarium as a dynamic form of painting. A blend of colors and shapes that move from one point to the other. And studies have shown certain aquascapes do reduce stress level in humans. Maybe we keep aquariums because we learn new things from it everyday. And this probably because unlike other pets, the inhabitants and the aquarium inhabitants depends on us for its survival. A negligent aqaurium owner will soon find out the repercussions of forgetting to feed, overfeeding, adding more fishes, adding the wrong fish and not keeping the water "clean". There maybe more. But to me this seems to be the main three reasons: keeping aquariums in order to observe life, keeping aquarium for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, and keeping aqaurium for research and learning purposes. Again there may be more reasons. But this seems - at least to me the more important or significant ones.


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