Wednesday, June 29, 2005

GMA's mea culpa: reactions from the usual gang of

Today in the Philippines 29 June 2005: 1) Groups demanding Gloria to resign - People clamoring for the President's resignation: We have Brother Eddie Villanueva - Lost in the last Presidential election We have Sen Raul Roco - Lost in the last Presidential election We have Congressman Francis Ecudero - His presidential candidate FPJ lost in the last Presidential election and died. We have Makati Mayor J Binay - His presidential candidate FPJ Lost in the last Presidential election and died. We have the cause oriented groups - They are always against those in power. I wonder what will happen when get real power. Let's see they were anti-GATT, anti-VAT, anti-Erap and now Anti-Gloria. So who are these groups calling for Arroyo to resign? The same people seeking her ouster from office from the beginning of her term. Its nice to see different people uniting for the ouster of a president. Problem is such alliances are as solid as air and as permanent as the morning dew. 2) First Gentleman voluntary leaving the Philippines - Mike Arroyo to be exiled. This should have been done 1st day of her Presidency. Maybe it should be a law. I hope he drags his brother and son away as well. 3) Congressman Roilo Golez quits KAMPI - Is this the case of ratsleaving the sinking ship of Iggy Arroyo, Mikee Arroyo and Reynaldo Puno's Pro-GMA congressional party. By the way GMA is still part Lakas-NUCD. Must be a dark sky for fair-weathered allies. Speaking of political entities. The recent weeks has seen the Philippine politics version of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Political Zombies have been reappearing an haunting prime time. Oliver Lozano non-winning political candidate and KBL-affiliated gadfly is back filing the impeachment case against Gloria in the lower house, Unido-KBL-Trillanes fan Homo Bono Adaza is also back, and so is Mr Ronald Lumbao. Now we just Eddie Gil, at least Gil amuses. 4) ABS-CBN - Is it me or is the coverage of ABS-CBN is adapting an overt anti-GMA stance? Whatever happened to impartial news coverage. Six feet under the ground along with public service. It seems that what matters most now is the ratings and vested political interests.


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