Monday, June 27, 2005

Political madness, ad-naseum and prudence

Political madness seems to be predominating the Philippine environment. Protagonists on the Gloriagate issue seems to be trading barbs and accusations without proving or disproving the veracity of the tape and said contents. Most pundits have already parlayed doom's day scenarios and ventured forth their views on the moral issue without verifying the authenticity of the alleged recordings. Allegations regarding political protection of illegal number games are being brought to fore by a man of the cloth and his venue not the court of law but of public opinon. His willing audience the legislature where it is being heard in aid of legislation. What legislation is this in aid of ? Daily the news network and the print media have been sensationalising the issue and confusing the discussion. To the point that people are becoming sick of the whole thing. Better to seat back and be prudent check things out. No use being a cannon fodder for the different factions attempting to gain political ascendancy. Cicero, a Roman politician, advocate and famed orator, noted while he saw the Roman Republic falling into the clutches of the Julii, Ceasar and Octavius (who would later become Augustus), that abuse of liberties will result in slavery.


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