Friday, June 17, 2005

Batman rules

Hi! This post appears on one of my other blogs. Click the title name to go to the blog where the article is posted or if you are unsure you can click on read more and read the first part of the post. Afterwards, if you want to see the post in its entirety click on the link provided. Have a nice day!. Just when you thought Hollywood movies had reached its nadir then it hits you with Frank Miller's Sin City and now Batman Begins. Christian Bale is the Batman. Who would have thought that the boy in Empire of the Sun would be the Batman. But he is the Batman. The movie is a perfect example of movies adapted from comics. Furthermore, the new helming of the movie has succesfully transformed the movie from its predecessors in that it seemed to have choosen between its two persona, the campy Batman of 1960s and the more darker Batman comic fans are familiar with.


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