Monday, June 13, 2005

Politics: Independence Day and Holiday Economics

READER BEWARE/READER ADVISORY/CAVEAT LECTOR: This post is a commentary on a specific political event affecting Philippines society. The writer while trying to be balanced in his assessment or read of situation is also aware that whatever he does the post will always include his point of views on the matter. As such this not simply a record of events. Thanks! By virtue of President GMA's Holiday Economics Policy today, 13th of June 2005, is a holiday. Holiday Economics Policy is the present government's penchant for declaring monday a holiday if a public holiday falls on a Sunday. Supposedly this policy was enforced in order to promote local tourism. This year's Indepence day celebration seem to have come, gone and went without much fanfare. Perhaps the people were just tired of all the politics and scandals exploding all over the place. The jueteng exposes and legislative investigations used by opposing sides of the spectrum to protect and promote their own interests. Allegations of electoral fraud that surfaced again seem to muddle up further the state of politics. Political pundits were predicting dire political scenarios and politicians and political groups were calling for a change of government. Political followers and the media were spoiling for a fight. So what happened? Nothing short of anti-climactic. What was the message to our politicos and media. I think as whole people are just tired of all this politics and media's penchant for sensationalising the issues without providing a critical view of the information. The people have better things to do, like earning money and spending time with their love ones, than be pawns of politicians or statistics of media companies trying to one-up each other. For me the government should stop releasing statements that they aim to do this or do that, just do. And for both the opposition and administration politicians the lust for power is all to clear in their actions, even if they dress it up in issues and principles of the profound. And for the media companies focus more on getting the truth without placing excessive emphasis on the most shocking and emotive aspects of the issues. News coverage like government service is a public service, you can earn higher ratings from your drama shows. As for me I spent the weekend as I normally do with family and friends. Some members of our family still had to work and I prepared the food for merienda cena on 12th, a post birthday remembrance with friends.


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