Monday, July 18, 2005

Home Bird Weekend

I am a homebird at heart. This means I literally enjoy being at the house on weekends. So it was the weekend and I was not inclined to surf the net nor watch the latest update on the state of the nation's politics. I was determined to enjoy the weekend. The morning started out late and I immediately watched the movie "Love Actually". Amazing film and more amazing DVD because it contained the deleted but interesting and funny scenes. Afterward read a couple of books I had lined up. Read short stories and learned: the two ways a husband got his revenge on his wife and her lover; how hot water resulted in a discovery that had fatal results; and the fatal approach of a new sun. Had an agreeable lunch with the family. We had steamed fish and fried beef. The fish was bought early in the morning from a fishmonger at Farmers Market. It was one of those deep sea fishes that is best cooked steamed or grilled. The combination of sesame oil and green onions was overpowering. The beef was bought at shopwise. As a rule I only buy beef on the day you will be cooking it. I really do not like it when beef ages in refrigerator. It develops this black spots that do not really tastes awful. One thing that made the meal more agreeable was the absence of politics. I think as a family we have of late refrained to talk about politics, more of getting tired of it anyway. The Pro-Gloria forces were supposed to be having a rally that afternoon. I spent the afternoon with my two nephews, Thirdee and Hansie, watching the best of Benny Hill. They like the slapstick and chase bit of Benny Hill. My nephews call him "Benny the Hill". I do not know how that came to be. Nevertheless, they have become so used to Benny Hill that are now very familiar with the sketches and the theme songs, especially the ending credits chase song. After viewing Benny Hill for about two hours my nephews glided towards my PC to play with the computer game of Dr Seuss and Reader Rabbit. They slept soundly after that. Upon waking up after sunset, my nephews started reading and after dinner I went to bed. I suspect my nephews went up to their room to view again a DVD possibly Tom & Jerry or the X-Men. End of a stress free day no 1 Sunday found us gearing for a walk at the University of the Philippines. Along with my nephews I we strolled around the Academic Oval. This part of UP is closed to traffic every Sunday, although there were two or three cars about. As we walked around there were the usual people about. There BMX bikers who had converted a part of UP into a course. And then there were some foreigners enjoying their picnic. It was a nice visit, the air was breezy and the sun was up but the clouds shielded us from its rays. I even saw an old highschool batchmate pass us by on his racer. Unfortunately, I could not recognize him (he was in full custom so to speak) but he did shout my highschool name as whizzed by. And so during his second pass I just smiled for despite not knowing who he was I did not want to appear a snob. Nightime found us back at the house. Again watching Benny Hill. After a few hours my nephews went to their mother and I was left alone to watch Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. End of stress free day no 2


Blogger blackshama said...

There lies the difference between us. I am a peregrine at heart. Saturday and Sunday saw me taking a long walk on the Ternate coastline in Cavite

7/19/2005 02:59:00 PM  
Blogger juned said...

You are more of the grasshopper type. Well cannot wait till it is winter.

7/19/2005 05:05:00 PM  

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