Thursday, July 21, 2005


Leitmotiv or Leitmotif is a particular piece of music associated with place, idea or a particular person. In certain instances all three. The theme from Dr No is a perfect example of this. When you hear first notes of the song it brings to mind the image of James Bond 007 British Secret Agent license to kill. It so powerful that the song is used for every James Bond movie. Not only does it eveoke the image of Bond but it also brings to mind the adventure and sophistication of his world. A world that could only completely exsist inside the realm of fiction. Another perfect example would be the Darth Vader's Imperial March from the Star Wars saga. Once you hear you know that Darth Vader, the star destroyers, the Imperial stormtroopers have arrived and the Rebel Alliance is in trouble. Some believe that the song was plagiarised from Gustav Holt's orchestral piece entitled Mars: The God of War, which is a part of a bigger orchestral piece of Holt's called the Planets. They maybe right but it really does not matter because stand on its own. The Imperial March will forever be Darth Vader's theme. I like Leimotives. Most music I like are basically leitmotives. Why is this so? All evoke a memory for me. And most of them have a calming effect although there are other types of music I listen to just keep me awake. Maybe its music therapy. I have read somewhere music can enhance once sense of well being. A study pointed out that chemically it can bring about an increase in the endorphin level in the brain. Endorphins are chemicals that make a person feel good and not stressed. The same study pointed out that the efficacy of music is individual, it depends on the person and what he likes. There is not fast and hard rule on what type of music will de-stress you, it all depends on you. Is not that cool? What music de-stresses me? Its a mix bunch really. I like California Dreamin from the Mamas & the Papas, I also like Eine Kleine Nacht Musik from Mozart, Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, Eraserhead Music, Fat Boy Slim's Weapon of Choice, Duran Duran's Save a Prayer, Frank Sinatra, Asin, Mike Hanapol, Evita, TVJ (Tito, Vic & Joey), novelty songs and a lot more. Of late though the theme of the Benny Hill show seems to swimming around my head. Maybe its because as of late my nephews have taken a liking to the Benny Hill Show. The original name the Benny Hill song was Yakety Yak Sax. The funny thing is sometimes I form a mental cocktail of all the political events that have been happening. All the things that you see on tv - the rallies, the political statements, the hearings and all things political - except they seemed to have been speedened up just like in the Benny Hill show. And like the Benny Hill show all actions are accompanied by the Yakety Yak Sax music. GMA as Benny Hill with the political players as the cast. Imagining that makes me laugh. Music is really good for you.


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