Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Here are pictures of cameras. Leica leica This Leica was the camera I used during high school. My father lent it to me and it is an excellent camera. Taking shots back then was much more cheaper. Just had the film developed and ordered for contact prints. Used this camera extensively during daytime because it did not have a flash. Several years ago my father asked for the camera because someone was interested in purchasing it. I thought that was it...until a year ago when my mother was doing her monthly clean the house exercises. In one of the cabinets she found the camera. The deal did not push through after all. At present using the cameras for portrait shots, well at least trying to. Minolta minolta This camera I won from a bet. It almost fully automatic, compared to the super manual Leica. Quite handy when taking candid shots and events. It was my regular camera before I bought my digital camera. What was the bet? Well...lets just say he or she was just too overconfident of secrets. And secrets do come out. So never be too overconfident of your secret you might lose a camera or something more significant. The Lost Half-Frame Olympus Camera My first camera was a Half-frame Olympus Camera. The camera could take two shots from one frame of film. So if you had 36 shots, using a half-frame camera you could take seventy-two shots. Quite handy for candid shots. And it was easy to carry, the camera was palm-sized. You can put it in your pocket. Unfortunately, my brother lost the camera in school. I do miss that camera. Digital Camera At present my all-around camera is a Canon Ixus. Compact, durable and palm size you can carry it anywhere. Since it is a digital camera you can readily see the results of your shot. No need to go the film developers. Quite practical. Although, I still will not give up taking cameras from film. Waiting for the film to develop and seeing the final product is in it self a magic of its own.


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