Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mambo Magsaysay

Here is another political song from the past. The campaign song of Ramon Magsaysay. It was written by Raul Manglapus and originally sung by Ms. Rosita De La Vega-Da Roza. It was used against Marcos prior to his exile to Hawaii. This is probably one of the best Filipino political campaign songs. Everywhere that you would look was a bandit or a crook Peace and order was a joke 'til Magsaysay pumasok That is why, that is why you will hear the people cry Our democracy will die kung wala si Magsaysay. Mambo, mambo Magsaysay Mabu-mabu mabuhay Our democracy will die Kung wala si Magsaysay Birds they voted in Lanao At pati Aswang pa daw Ang election lutong macaw Till Magsaysay showed them how Mambo, mambo Magsaysay Mabu-mabu mabuhay Our democracy will die Kung wala si Magsaysay Despite the distance between the years the issues seem to be same. An additional post (This is actually my main post for today.) BlOG: Library7 Title: Reading Chinese detective stories This weekend I finally finished reading the last Judge Dee detective story I was able to get my hands on. Several weeks ago I was at the Cubao branch of a Different Bookstore; As usual I was checking their collection before proceeding home. If you want to save money do not enter any kind of store just go home. I was fairly confident that I would just be killing time looking at their titles. However, just as I was about to leave I came across a table full of books that had a big red sale beside it. Curious, I looked at the books confident that I would not find anything that would rouse my interest. A couple of Umberto Eco's book , hmm...I said to myself I have read the Name of the Rose and his other works - no rush. Then my eyes scanned down to four books that were designed with several Chinese motifs and flourishes. All were written by one author, the Dutch Diplomat Robert Van Gulik. All were mystery stories. Read


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