Monday, January 02, 2006

Dec 31, 2005 - Jan 1, 2006

Two Thousand and Six started with no so much of a bang. There were less fireworks this year it seems. People were probably content in seeing the international firework competition along Pasay. Along our street there were times when people did light firecrackers and fireworks. One of our neighbors even used an improvised canon, it was quite loud. During those periods of auditory fury I actually found it fun to play select opera choruses, Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture and Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. Somehow it seemed appropriate to play them at the time and did I mention fun? The revelry ended early. My uncle commented people were not really that interested in fireworks this year. Too expensive. No kwiton or Super Lolo was heard nearby. Unfortunately, though around a hundred houses were burned in one of the poorer areas of Quezon City. One of the inhabitants accidentally threw a firecracker at the flammable houses, made up usually of old or non-fire retardant wood, and this soon engulfed the houses and nearby apartments. In the morning of the first day of Two Thousand and Six it was raining. Water came pouring out of the sky. Cleaning the road of the remains of last night's revelry. Most were still asleep or half-asleep. Even in the malls, some opened after lunch, there were just a few people about. It was the end of the Christmas Holiday. Back to work on Monday. Postscript - Monday, 2nd January 2006 Despite being a Monday, a work day. People still seemed to be dazed. Some were just starting to come to grips to the new year. A few left early while others seem to just wait for the clock to strike the end of the shift and go home. Monday.... Additional Posts for Today: Metro Manila Film Festival 2005 Natural Aquarium Update


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Happy New Year!
Sheer up ! :-)

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Happy New Year!


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