Saturday, March 26, 2005

Black Saturday

Accomplished what I had to do last Maundy Thursday. Did my annual pilgrimage to more than one church. My nephews and my sister accompanied me. We went first to the UP Chapel; then the Ateneo chapel; then to a church in Kamuning that was once a girlie bar; then to Christ the King Church - which according to rumours has buried treasures left by the Japanese during World War II; To the Pink Sisters' convent and ending our pilgrimage by praying at the Mt Carmel Church in New Manila. Good Friday I was left alone in the house, my parents and my nephews went to Laguna to visit my other relatives and to check on the rice fields that my mother's family own. First thing I did was to rearrange my room. Second thing, was to find suitable food and other assorted products needed. Third was to view of couple of movies. Fourth was to read, I did not read a particular book that that day, rather I bit a little bit out of each book I wanted to read. Good Friday seemed to change each year and it would seem that every year that comes is more nosier than the next. I remember a few years when you would not hear a sound. A few days I ago while I was accomplishing my tasks one could distinctly hear the sound of children playing on the street. These were the children of my neighbour, some of which I grew up with. I can actually see the faces of my old neighbours on the faces of the children playing outside. Good Friday is also a nice day to drive around Metro Manila. As I said after my family left for the province I took the family car out to buy some stuff. Taking advantage of the situation I drove around Metro Manila for a bit. I find that driving in such conditions can be therapeutic. However, it should also be said that driving around this time can also be fatal. Drivers in general are more lax during this period. I had to stop several time for drivers who were shall we say less than careful with their driving and navigation. A friend visited me today and we catched up on old times. We spent the whole night talking. My friend and I once collaborated to produce a comic book for his thesis. He seems to be interested in doing another one.


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