Friday, May 20, 2005

Book: Mga Kinamihasnang Salitang Tagalog

Hi! This post appears on one of my other blogs. Click the title name to go to the blog where the article is posted or if you are unsure you can click on read more and read the first part of the post. Afterwards, if you want to see the post in its entirety click on the link provided. Have a nice day!. Ignacio, Rosendo. MGA KINAMIHASNANG SALITANG TAGALOG (Tagalog Idioms - Modismos Tagalos. 2nd Pagkalimbag. Philippines. 1963. I bought this book a year ago at the this shop in Mega Mall that sells old books. Not quite sure but the name of place seems to be Old Manila. But you will not miss the shop it is located on the topmost floor beside an antique shop that sells swords and other antiques, I cannot remember its name too, but said bookshop is near the escalator.
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