Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Politics: Gary or Gracillano or nobody

READER BEWARE/READER ADVISORY/CAVEAT LECTOR: This post is a commentary on a specific political event affecting Philippines society. The writer while trying to be balanced in his assessment or read of situation is also aware that whatever he does the post will always include his point of views on the matter. As such this not simply a record of events. Thanks! My holiday was interrupted periodically, but not numerously at least, by latest political scandal or un-scandal festering inside Philippine society. The so called recorded conversation between GMA and FG with one of their political operators- depending on the version you hear or read its "Gary" or Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Gracillano. I have monitored the news and read the transcript and I jotted down some of my thoughts. 1. The said conversations ,both Palace and the one released by a former Estrada lawyer, is not the original. According to the rumor mills, It would seem that the taped conversation were in the market for some time. Despite this rumour though both taped conversations are not the original. 2. The Palace got its version very quickly seems to indicate two things. One is that the tape must be for sale. Or they have prior access to it. 3. After reading the transcripts, reading the transcript seems more practical than listening to the audio, at the PCIJ Blog site it would seem to me at least that there is no evidence of cheating. The conversations in that transcript seems to be an exchange between a politician and his political underling or assistant that focuses on the development during the presidential election. 4. One this is certain though the incident has become a news event that has stolen the steam from the jueteng investigation. Politicians from across the broad spectrum of Philippine society have gone into their pavlovian-like stances and actions. Newspaper and media firms seem to be over anxious to this new story. Before you can say jueteng scandal the news programs are now featuring the authenticity of two non-original audio files, on how to wiretap a cellphone and playing a game of mystery in order to pin-point who is the perpatrator. 5. One has to ask oneself who has the technical know-how and the finances to wiretap the President? And why was this not revealed during the canvassing or when FPJ was still alive? And who benefits short term and long term from this revalation? 6. Most important question is the taped conversation genuine? For all we know this conversation could have been fabricated. There is no shortage of people mimicking the voices of famous people. Also we have at present technology that could copy the voice of any individual, especially a politician. The original recording is vital to this. 7. Edgardo Ruado has surfaced and claimed that he is "Gary". Ruado further claims that what was said during the conversation between him and the first couple were what he considers to be normally discussed in a political campaign. Based on the transcript found in the PCIJ blog I tend to agree with him. So what can be said of this recorded conversation? Is it the smoking gun or is it a puff of smoke? So big and yet so empty. Designed to impress but ultimately designed to fall under its own weight. Or is it the truth, if it is the truth was anything wrong done and can it be proven? Or is just wishful thinking or confirmation bias for the anti-GMA people. Somebody released the tape. Find that person and locate the original tape and you might find the answer. Then again one could just flip to Darna and enjoy the fantaserye.


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