Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wisdom tooth and a few posts

Hi there will be gone for a few days. My wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. I have stocked up on books, videos, games and medicine so I gues I should be fine. Anyway, I have learned to tune out of politics for some time so no source of stress. From time to time I will probably check in just for some laughs. I have Faith... The Santo Nino Photo at Ed's photoblog My Everyday Manila reminded me of my nephew's penchant for Santo Ninos,Angels and Saints a few years before. His Grandmother, my mother, was only happy to oblige. She was probably thinking he would become a priest someday. He has now taken an interest into books, cartoons and animals. snino Go to post I hope my nephews will not be so naughty. One can hope. Hansie thirdee I can keep them distracted with video games.... or with books... See you in a few days. Take care now :)


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