Monday, April 04, 2005

From the mouth of babes

A case of the Emperor's new clothes in the modern day setting. Or how truth comes from the mouth of the innocent. Last week, my nephews and I were enjoying merienda at the house. And my nephews were arguing amongst themselves who was the leader of the group. I say group but they possibly meant their team, lately they have been watching a lot Justice League and Teen Titans cartoons. My youngest nephew was proclaiming himself the leader of the group. He did so in such an direct and effective way. "Ako leader" my youngest nephew. Honest and straightforward, Bismark would have been proud. My oldest nephew disagreed and told his brother that their tito, me, should be their leader. We Tagalogs have a very accurate expression to describe the joy one's feel when we hear a very effective praise to us, "Pumapalakpak ang tenga". My ego, however, had no time to enjoy the filling up of intellectual gas and take flight because. My oldest nephew said, "You are not the leader, Tito is the leader, Because he is the oldest and fattest person in this room!" :)


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