Monday, April 04, 2005


Zambales Posted by: sepiabrown.
Pope John Paul II died yesterday.
Given his medical condition no one in the world was surprised at the outcome. I myself was stoic to the events.
Death was the only possible outcome. No that is not right to be in a coma would be another. In any case death would ease the burden the Holy Father was enduring.
It was painful for me to see him talk during Easter. You knew he wanted to speak but he could not. Again it would be one of the most tragic things I have seen. I reasoned that death would be a deliverance for the Holy Father. Well Death did come for the Vicar of Christ. It was expected more so because the Vatican had announced that he was near death.
When I switched on the television this morning there it was. BBC and CNN were announcing the passing of John Paul II. I do not know why but a few seconds after I saw the announcement I cried. It lasted for a few minutes. I was in my room and it was early morning. The heat did not seem as scorching as the day before and I cried for my Pope.


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