Friday, April 08, 2005

Star Trek

Thoughts after reading David Gerrold's book entitled "The World of Star Trek..". The book brings back memories of Star Trek shows and movies past and distant present. Just finished reading David Gerrold's book, "The World of Star Trek: The Show the Network could not kill", it is an interesting read not only for Star Trek Fans but also for writers. I wrote a book review on it in my book blog. A few days after that I cam across a VCD documentary entitled "Trekkie" on sale for 75.00. In the Philippines if you want to buy original DVD or VCD it is always wise to buy the disc a few months after they arrive in order to take advantage of the price drop. An honest and entertaining documentary about Star Trek fans. Fun to watch. Another Star Trek related movie that I enjoyed was Free Enterprise. A movie about two thirty year old trekkies in a mid-life crisis and who meet William Shatner, who is determined to stage his version of William Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar - with him playing all the parts. They, same cast and crew, are actually doing or have done a sequel, Free Enterprise 2: My Big Geek Wedding, I have to see that one too. I also liked watching the Star Trek Movies but mainly those featuring the cast from the original series. I used to watch the re-run of the original series with my friends. Comments and wise-cracks about Kirk would always occur. I would classify ourselves as irreverent fans, some of us were even rooting for the bad guys.


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