Thursday, September 29, 2005

A blessing for our Filipino Politicians

The Filipino Politicians are at it again. Times like this several things come to mind. But, the most poignant line I can remember is a dialogue from the movie Fiddler on the Roof. This is for all the politicians in the Philippines. The scene is a short one, a break in one of the songs of the movie. It is a nice movie, borrow and watch it if you can. Tevye the main character in the Broadway/Hollywood musical asks his Rabbi what was the proper blessing for the Czar, which is the Russian name for their Emperor similar to the German term Kaiser and based on the Roman name Ceasar. Again this is for all politicians in the Philippines.
A proper blessing for the Czar? May God Bless the Czar and keep him far away from us!
To paraphrase it -
May God Bless the Filipino Politicians and keep them far away from us!
On a different note, My friend Allan started to write reviews of fantasy and science fiction books. If you are into SF & Fantasy books check his reviews. Book reviews might save you from buying a bum book. Additional posts for today UK Bound Pakil Church - the interior


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